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Siquijor LGUs Visit Talibon on FLUP

LGU Talibon played host to office personnel from 3 Local Government Units of the Island of Siquijor, namely: the Municipality of Siquijor, the Municipality of Maria and the Municipality of Lazi, at 9:00 in the morning on February 7, 2017.


The group was warmly welcomed composed of a Mayor, SB Members, Municipal Engineers, Municipal Budget Officers, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, Municipal FLUP Focal Persons, Chairmen on Technical Working Groups, Agriculturist, PENR Officer, DENR-Siquijor Staff and DENR people from Talibon.

The only Mayor who made it with the group was Mayor Meynard Asok of LGU-Maria (in khaki colored polo shirt beside Mayor Auxtero) accompanied by his wife Roselyn, also a Councilor of the said town.  Other Mayors were represented by their Councilors.

Upon arrival, the group gathered at the SB Session Hall for a short briefing on the Forest Land Use Plan of Talibon, the main purpose of their trip.  The three (3) towns mentioned have started the formulation of their FLUP in 2016.  Module 1 to 3 was already tackled except for Module 4 which calls for a cross visit or exposure trip to other LGUs who have successfully implemented their FLUP.  Having as their mentor, Siquijor PENR Officer Moreno S. Tagra, a former DENR Talibon employee, the group was eventually guided to visit Talibon.

A thorough briefing was made by Mayor Restituto Auxtero, the Municipal Engr. Lorenzo Flores and CRM Focal Person Geoffrey Villamil on Talibon’s FLUP implementation including implications for planning and co-management practices, revenues generated and other advantages.  Sharing and inputs followed, especially from Mr. Tagra who asked that they be shown not all the good points but also the loopholes so that his group will learn and improve upon what was presented.

Having no itinerary on hand, the group discussed their next move relying heavily on the guidance and suggestions from the Mayor and the DENR people.  Priority to visit will be the areas covered by the FLUP which includes the newly rehabilitated 1.5 kilometer boardwalk among the mangroves, and other forest areas. (ellenmariebuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.