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Illegal Drugs Clearing and Masa Masid

Barangay Captains from the 25 barangays of the Municipality of Talibon convened at the Newly Renovated Old RHU building on November 15, 2016 at 8:30 in the morning accompanied by each of their barangay pastoral moderators; summoned by Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero with the prodding of MLGOO Maura Justol and Chief Norman Nuez.

PNP personnel assigned to the barangays to monitor on illegal drug activities were also present.  Parish Administrator Msgr. Alberto Uy came in later and boosted up the participant’s desire to combat drugs after his pep talk.  Stand-in emcee was Engr. Ednardo Avenido.

Mayor Auxtero thanked the group; appreciating an almost complete attendance even at short notice.  He followed up on the Community Based Rehab Program of each barangay which was expected to be in full swing last October 1, 2016.  Barangay updates were taken up after Chief Nuez’s discussions on barangay drug clearing operations. 

Chief Nuez acted on the national call to clear all barangays of illegal drugs. The  PNP have designed or listed activities that would involve all, but basically would start from the basic foundation, which is the family. 

Each barangay is divided into Puroks with designated officials; and Puroks into Clusters with designated heads; and each Cluster into small groups of 8-12 households.

It is the PNP’s plan that each family make an oath that their family is either free of drugs or will no longer involve themselves in the illegal trade. The Cluster Heads will collect the signed oaths and submit them to the Purok Leaders; the Purok Leaders to consolidate the report from the Cluster Leaders and submit them to the Barangay Captain and upwards.  Thus, with this scheme, areas at the Purok level can be identified whether they’re free or not of drugs.

Identified drug users and pushers, if they have not surrendered yet at this time, will be visited by the PNP for the usual “toktok-hangyo” or “TOKHANG”.  Those who surrendered but still continue with their wayward ways will be subject to PNP operations.

More than a thousand of those who surrendered are undergoing rehab under the Community-based Rehabilitation Program set up by LGU Talibon partnered by the Church which is embodied by Msgr. Uy.

Some failed to join, especially family men. The days spent under the rehab program, they reasoned, which involved Saturdays and Sundays for a period of three (3) months, will only lead to failure to provide food for their families on those days.

More updates came from the different barangays on their on-going rehab program at the end of the drug clearing session.  Some barangay captains shared that they have to delve into their pockets to spend for snacks, basketball uniform and more because those who surrendered refused to join the activities without these perks.

Other barangay captains failed to implement the program because the surrenderees refused to join the activities.  The 1st meeting gave a positive turn-out yet on the succeeding meetings, only a trickle attended until activities were shelved altogether.  Reports or updates were encouraged so that the committee can find ways to upgrade the program to suit the needs of those who surrendered. 

Before the meeting wrapped-up, MLGOO Maura Justol re-introduced the MASA MASID Program.  She reminded the Barangay Captains that they signed papers to support the program yet forgot about it.  She re-iterated their responsibilities which are aligned with their duties under the Drug Clearing Operations.  And before the meeting closed, all the barangay captains present took an oath of support to the MASA MASID Program. (ellenmarieobuno)


Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.